Is Kim Kardashian Regretting Her Divorce?

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Kim Kardashian has spoken out about her shock at the reaction to her divorce, and insisted she married for love, not money – but last night rumors began that the reality star might be regretting her hasty decision.

She was spotted landing in Minnesota airport at 5.30am today, with a big bodyguard travelling with her. It’s been reported that this was a last minute flight so Kim could meet with her soon-to-be ex-husband Kris, who didn’t take news of the divorce well.

Kim’s team have been quick to deny that this is an attempt at reconciliation, or that Kim has changed her mind, and instead revealed that Kim and Kris were due to meet the pastor that married them to discuss the divorce and their feelings.

Kris seemed genuinely upset when he was told Kim was filing for divorce, and claimed he would do anything possible to save his marriage. Kim seemed much more detached, filing for divorce before hitting Twitter to talk about business and eventually giving an emotionless statement.

She then defended herself against rumors that she had married for money or fame, and claimed that the marriage simply wasn’t working.

While the divorce dominates the media, is it possible that Kim is having second thoughts? The couple did seem genuinely in love at occasions in the past, and a late night flight to see him seems very lovesick – perhaps there is hope for these two yet!

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