Is Kim Kardashian’s Next Target Mark Sanchez?

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Kim Kardashian might be hooking up with New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

After her divorce from Kris Humphries, it’s not surprising that the reality show star has steered clear of dating NBA players. However, she can’t seem to stay away from athletes.

She’s dated Reggie Bush and Austin Miles in the past, so it certainly wouldn’t shock anyone if she did hook up with another NFL star – there were even recent rumors that she wanted to date Tim Tebow (so that’s why she wants to start a Bible study group).

But if Kim wanted her next man to be a hot, high-profile athlete, she couldn’t do better than Sanchez. His good looks and his dating life get him tons of attention, and he has no problem stripping down and posing for photo shoots. This is just the kind of guy that Kim Kardashian needs – one that embraces attention.

A source told that Kim and Mark Sanchez often meet up for dinner dates and “flings” when she’s in New York but that they’re very careful not be seen together since Mark is currently seeing someone.

That “someone” might be Victoria’s Secret model Kate Upton; apparently Mark is trying to become the next Tom Brady by snagging a supermodel girlfriend (unfortunately doing so won’t help his game).

If this source is legit, it kind of sounds like Kim might just be Mark’s booty call. If this is the case, don’t expect to see him playing Prince Charming on one of her reality shows anytime soon.

Perhaps Kim Kardashian needs to stop browsing NFL and NBA rosters when looking for a boyfriend. The summer Olympics are coming up in July, so she could always wait to check out the guys that bring home the gold. After all, hooking up with an Olympian worked out pretty well for her mother.

So what do you think – have Kim and Mark Sanchez really hooked up?

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