Is Kim Zolciak Pregnant and Quitting ‘Real Housewives’?

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Kim Zolciak is rumored to be pregnant with her fifth child. On top of that, she’s allegedly decided to step away from her role on Real Housewives of Atlanta after five seasons on the show because of it. Earlier today, a producer allegedly spoke with Media Take Out about what caused her to make the decision to walk away.

“Kim, who is PREGNANT, was at an event where a PHYSICAL ALTERCATION broke out between two of the housewives – and Kim nearly got injured,” he revealed. “That’s when, we’re told, that Kim called it QUITS. But get this . . . we’re told that Bravo is ‘EDITING’ the scenes, and they may be removing that fight scene. Kim reportedly called up Andy Cohen, and told him that she could not in good conscious be around that FOOLISHNESS while she was carrying a baby.”

It’s quite the elaborate story and that along with the fact that Kim is reportedly getting her own permanent spinoff on Bravo is enough to convince fans that she might really be leaving. However, Kim says no! She took to Twitter and responded to the Media Take Out story saying, “Lmao! U mean mediafakeout!”

Kim might not be pregnant now, but she has yet to say that she’s done having more children and what she has said is that she and her husband can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other, which is pretty obvious. Either way, Kim does seem to be ready to move on from the show and if she’s getting her own spinoff, why would she stay?

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