Is Kobe Bryant or Kris Humphries a Worse Sports Husband?

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Divorce is apparently the hip trend among athletes of late. After Tiger Woods blew up his marriage, two other prominent names in Kobe Bryant and Kris Humphries joined the new fad. Obvious talent gap aside, which one screwed up worse?

Kobe owes Vanessa Bryant ridiculous money for ten years of cheating

It took ten years, an army of private investigators, and no prenuptial agreement, but Vanessa Bryant probably got what she wanted in the end. She’s about to become $75 million richer while re-entering the singles market after the impending divorce with her NBA star husband. Men everywhere are screaming question about how a woman can rake in that much money when it was Kobe who did all the work. Women would quickly counter saying she put up with him cheating for ten years, racking up a bill that apparently topped 105 women. Like every divorce, it’s classic he-said-she-said. Ultimately, where Kobe Bryant failed, even if he’s innocent, was not considering what a personal feud with Vanessa would do to their two daughters, ages 8 and 5. That miscalculation will haunt him long after the business of divorce and basketball pass.

Humphries overestimated his maturity when he proposed to Kim Kardashian

Pending divorce has done few favors for Kris Humphries. While his current NBA season gets marked by injury and defeat, memories still linger about his failed marriage to Kim Kardashian. People wonder why it lasted just 72 days, but anyone who watched him on the reality shows got a clean look at the reason. Does a mature, upstanding man honestly fart in his wife’s face or party in Las Vegas more often than spend time with her? Humphries remains a gifted athlete, but childish antics like that made him public enemy number one in the eyes of basketball fans. Worst of all, he’s still somehow found a way to make people angrier at him. Forbes magazine recently predicted the young NBA big man will boast a bigger name brand than Kim because of recent personal success. Can anybody say: irony?

Tiger Woods showed that stardom in golf or NBA doesn’t allow being an a-hole

Being good at basketball is one trait. It doesn’t make up who a man or woman is. Tiger Woods proved that when his spotless reputation imploded despite every golf accolade imaginable. That is a major reason Kobe Bryant and Kris Humphries stopped being feel-good stories after they said, “I do.” Vanessa Bryant and Kim Kardashian aren’t complete victims, but they did the right thing by burning the bridges back to those two.

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