Is Kris Humphries Paying Girlfriend Myla to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement?

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Kris Humphries has been making headlines again recently with some interesting relationship news. It appears the NBA player has a new girlfriend who he has been seeing since sometime in January. According to TMZ, at least, the two have been in a relationship for months. Other sources say, however, that this girl, Myla Sinanaj, is only claiming to be Kris’ girlfriend and has merely been humping Humphries on a somewhat steady basis. Whether or not Kris and Humphries are, in fact, in a relationship, TMZ has reported some interesting new developments.

Apparently, Kris Humphries had his lawyer speak with Myla’s attorney about a non-disclosure agreement. Kris wants to be sure that Myla does not utter a word about their relationship. It seems that Kris is realizing that, in the midst of testy divorce wars with Kim Kardashian, a new girlfriend on his arm does not favor his case that Kimmie broke his heart – particularly if he and Myla became involved only two months after the heart-breaking occurred.

The confidentiality agreement naturally comes with an undisclosed, but surely hefty, price. What are the chances that Myla Sinanaj actually cares for Kris Humphries more than the publicity – and paycheck – that dating him would bring?

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