Is Kristen Stewart Conspiring With Robert Pattinson’s Best Friend?

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Is Kristen Stewart conspiring with Robert Pattinson’s best friend Tom Sturridge? She is hoping he will help her win Rob back. Do you think Tom is game for helping Kristen?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Tom Sturridge also starred with Kristen in On the Road, so the two know each other very well. They’ll be together soon at the Toronto Film Festival where she hopes they can have a private conversation. She really wants Tom’s help in getting Robert Pattinson back.

Profile Picture “She wants to have a private conversation with Tom and try and convince him how sorry she is and how she wants Rob back. She is more concerned with her conversation with Tom than with the premiere of On the Road. The only thing that matters to her right now is getting Rob back and she knows the way to get to Rob is through his best friends,” a source says.

Tom Sturridge isn’t the only person Kristen hopes to talk with either. She also wants to have a conversation with his fiancée, Sienna Miller.

“She wants both Tom and Sienna to know that she never meant to hurt Rob and that she is not an evil person. She is hoping and praying that Tom and Sienna will understand and forgive her. And that they will help her win Rob back!”

Do you think Tom Sturridge and Sienna Miller will find it in their hearts to forgive Kristen Stewart and help her convince Rob she is truly sorry for her transgressions? Or do you think they’re so loyal to Rob that they don’t want to see him and Kristen reconcile?

Kristen is at her wit’s end with grief over what she’s done to Rob and to their relationship. She is now desperately trying to find a way to fix the situation and she clearly realizes by now that she simply can’t do it alone.

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