Is Lindsay Lohan Cursing Romney by Voting for Him?

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Lindsay Lohan is throwing her support behind Mitt Romney. Is that a good thing? Take a look and see.

Lindsay says she’s worried about employment. Even Hollywood’s been hit hard in the nation’s unquestionably poor job market. Of course, there’s more to Lindsay’s unemployment than just a lack of jobs. Sadly, lot of producers and directors are afraid to work with her. She’s a loose cannon, capable of saying or doing almost anything at any given moment. That likely has more to do with her inability to get a job in Tinsel Town.

Of course, Lindsay’s couching her Romney support with a sidebar. She’s for Obama’s opponent “as of now”. That means Lindsay could change her mind in five minutes or five days. A lot may depend on which way the wind blows on election day.

It could be that President Obama is thankful for Lindsay Lohan’s lack of support. That might actually fare well for him. Almost everything Lohan touches these days falls apart. Too bad there isn’t another candidate in the election. That could help spare both Obama and Romney from hurricane Lindsay.

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