Is Lindsay Lohan Getting Special Treatment In Jail?

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Lindsay Lohan just can’t seem to take her punishment like the rest of us. Reports are out today that she’s getting special perks in her jail cell the rest of the population doesn’t have. What are they?

It’s amazing how the little things in life are the things you miss most when you’re locked up. And even if you are supposed to serve 90 days do you think you could live for 2 weeks without a TV or a phone – or a dresser?

According to The National Ledger, Lohan has a TV in her cell and a private phone. Plus, she’s been getting after hour visits from her family. Other inmates who have been close to her and who have been released spilled the story to The Daily News about the alleged special treatment Lindsay is getting because she’s a Hollywood big shot.

Former inmate Debra Sickels reports that “the girls said they cleaned a special room for Lindsay. It had a regular hospital bed, a TV and a dresser for her new clothes and socks.”

Wow. Prison sucks. Imagine that having a dresser for your socks is a privilege. But that’s the point. Getting locked up is SUPPOSED to make you realize how lucky you are if you live a lawful, sober life. Unless you’re a movie star.

Was “Mean Girls” THAT good?

Here’s an earlier story about what Lohan’s jail cell SHOULD be like.

What do you think? Should LiLo get special treatment?

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