Is Lindsay Lohan on the fast track to the grave?

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Lindsay Lohan’s behavior has been spiraling out of control.  Her father claims that illicit drug use and toxic friends are to blame.  If you have been watching the celebrity gossip shows, you know that Lohan has been falling into cacti and walking around with a mysterious white powder billowing out of her shoes.  (Lohan later said the substance was baby powder).

Lindsay Lohan has attended rehab in the past.  In an interview with E! News, her father Michael Lohan said, “I am certainly not going to let my daughter die.”

With a reputation for being difficult and unpredictable at work, Lindsay Lohan seems to be having difficulty finding acting jobs.  TMZ recently reported that the starlet may be broke; and she was $23,000 behind in rent.  She has since paid up.

Even celebrity blogger Perez Hilton got into the act, offering up a moment of silence for Lindsay Lohan at the Star Young Hollywood party on Thursday night.  In addition, there have been reports that various news sites have already prepared an obituary for Lohan in preparation for her untimely demise.


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