Is Lisa Irwin Fund a Scam?

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Missing baby Lisa Irwin still hasn’t been found and the only person police believe knows what happened to her is her own mother, Deborah Bradley. As if the mother and father didn’t live under scrutiny enough as it is, now the website associated with the girl’s disappearance is being eyed quite suspiciously. Is that really surprising, though?

The website, which can be found here, is soliciting donations, even though there has been a $100,000 reward offered in this case since early in the baby’s disappearance. This so called “Lisa Irwin Hope Foundation,” isn’t a real thing. It’s not registered with the state of Missouri as a charity or nonprofit establishment. This is undoubtedly creating concern, and rightfully so.

As stated here, Lisa is a victim, not a brand. The parents of this missing baby seem to be taking a page right out of the Kate and Gerry McCann playbooks. Why cooperate with investigators and actually tell the truth when you can turn the disappearance of your own child into a moneymaking marketing scheme.

It’s hard to say whether or not Jeremy Irwin and Deb Bradley are exploiting Lisa’s disappearance for money, but one thing is for certain: Be careful who you donate your money to. If the charity isn’t recognized or registered, then you have no grounds for judgment if you’re taken for a ride.

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