Is Maci Bookout Still in Love With Ryan Edwards?

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Even though the couple split a few years ago, Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards just can’t seem to sync up and get along. While Maci dated Kyle King long-term, a lot of fans have always felt that the Teen Mom still had feelings for her first love.

Of course, this isn’t too far-fetched considering everything the two have been through. Maci got pregnant after only four months of dating Ryan. The two never really had a chance to have a real teenage romance because they became parents so quickly. Could Maci really be holding on to the past, secretly wishing that the two were together?

Luckily for fans, she will answer that question (and more!) in the new Teen Mom special Ask the Teen Moms. The special will air next week and will hopefully answer some burning questions.

So, does Maci Bookout still love Ryan Edwards and secretly wish that they were together? No way! At least, that is what she says! Will fans believe her? It is hard to say. Given her actions on the show, especially in regards to Ryan Edwards, not everyone may believe that she has let go of all her feelings. Of course, MTV cuts the clip short, not showing Maci’s entire answer. It is likely that she will say it is hard for her to know that Bentley will have to grow up without both of his parents, something that she also mentioned on the latest episode of Teen Mom.

Do you think Maci is over Ryan?

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