Is Mariah Carey Pregnant With Twins? Singer Keeping Mum – Again!

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Well, as we all know Mariah Carey finally let the cat out of the bag about being pregnant. Weren’t we all shocked to find that news out? What? You mean she didn’t fool the world into thinking she wasn’t pregnant. Darn. Well, we just won’t let her know that, will we?

Apr 15, 2010 - New York, NY, USA - Singer/actress MARIAH CAREY attends the 12th Annual 'Keepers of the Dream' Awards held at the Sheraton Hotel. © Red Carpet Pictures

Now there’s a new rumor going around the mill that she’s carrying twins. The rumor comes in the heels of her radio interview when she said “they” when talking about the gender of the child.

Surprise surprise, Mariah isn’t confirming or denying anything. Are we the only ones that are tired of this little game that Carey seems to like to play with the media? Seriously, the secret whatever it may be isn’t going to stay a secret very long. It seems she truly thins she can fool us, or perhaps it’s a ploy to stay in the media. Either way it’s beyond tiring.

The 41-year-old singer conceived via invitro, and it is possible that she could be carrying twins. It’s also just as likely she said ‘they’ to avoid calling the baby an ‘it.’ There’s not many ways to refer to a child when the gender is unknown without saying “it” or “they.” We think she’s likely not carrying twins,  but is being coy because this game of hers gives her some strange joy.

Whether she’s having a single baby or a couple babies, we do wish her the best pregnancy and a healthy baby come next spring. Now quit with the annoying ‘mysteries,” Mariah!

What do you think? Is she carrying twins, or was it just a way to avoid calling her child an “it?” Weigh in below.

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