Is Michelle Obama an angry black woman?

Is Michelle Obama an angry black woman? How do you see Michelle Obama. She is tired of being seen as an angry black woman and claims she is tired of the stereotype. Is this a campaign tactic or do you think as I do that there is some truth to the claim.

First, it is not a stereotype. I think Michelle Obama earned her title by going to the Rev. Wright’s church, and when she commented about her first time she believed in America. Americans needed to elect her husband as President for her to believe in the America that made her First Lady?

There is a book out that describes Mrs. Obama as angry and that she hates white people. I don’t think that’s true but I do think she is or was angry. Seriously, what does she have to be angry about in America? She lives better than everyone else, has her own Secret Service, dresses like a princess, and vacations more often than anyone I know.

So what do you think?

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