Is Mildred Baena the Mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child?

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Does the name Mildred Baena ring a bell? If it doesn’t, it soon will. The 50-year-old California woman may be the mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate child. Radar Online identifies the woman, who may also go by the name Patty Baena, as the former housekeeper who gave birth to the former California governor’s baby. If this is true, everyone will soon know this woman’s name very, very well. The “love child” scandal is big-time fodder for the media, particularly tabloids.

File:Arnold Schwarzenegger.JPGRadar Online claims that Mildred Baena did indeed work for Schwarzenegger (for two decades) and was his mistress at one point. The website also says it learned of her identity in a “joint investigation” with Star magazine, quoting an anonymous source as saying, “She’s the one.” At this point, no confirmation from anyone in the Schwarzenegger camp (probably a tense bunch) on the baby mama’s identity. Nevertheless, the story’s out there now, the name is circulating and the feeding frenzy continues. Photos of Baena and the child (with his face blurred out, thankfully) are making the rounds as well. Hopefully, his name will be kept out of the press.

So, let’s get this straight: Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger were not only playing footsie behind Maria Shriver’s back (and possibly under her roof), they also managed to have an illegitimate child together without her knowing? Not only that, if this child was born “a decade ago,” then dear Mildred was walking around cleaning Arnold and Maria’s home, pregnant with his baby?! This whole thing just seems unbelievable and really sad. Sad for Maria and sad for the children (legitimate and illegitimate) involved in this scandal.

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