Is Miley Cyrus’ Biggest Fan a Danger?

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As rumors circulate about Miley Cyrus having a tattoo removed for Liam Hemsworth, it comes to light that Miley inspired 15 tattoos on one fan’s body. Should Miley and fiancé Liam Lemsworth be worried about this person’s obsession?

Carl McCoid, a house cleaner in Yorkshire, England, is proving to be Miley’s biggest fan. His entire body is a shrine to the Hannah Montana star. He has 15 Miley-inspired tattoos, including her portrait and signature on both of his hands. It doesn’t seem like he has any intention of stopping, either. “Miley tattoos are addictive,” he said.

While a 39-year-old man covering his body in ink inspired by a 19-year-old celebrity is creepy enough all by itself, there are other signs that McCoid’s obsession with Cyrus isn’t healthy at all. He out-and-out idolizes her. McCoid called her “a perfect human being.” He also shows signs that she has a religious significance for him. “Her swag is amazing. And just look at that smile. God exists.”

If anyone seems to suffer from Celebrity Worship Syndrome (CWS), it is Carl McCoid. In the past decade, British psychologists studied the syndrome, categorizing into three types, the most extreme being borderline-pathological. Extreme CWS indicates other inherent psychological problems, according to WebM.D.:

A lot of these people who fall deeply into celebrity worship are just abnormal pathology waiting to happen. The fact that it comes out in the form of idolization of a particular celebrity is less important than recognizing the pathology was there all along. And if it was not focused on a celebrity it would be focused on something else, but it would still be there.

So, what kind of abnormal pathology lurks beneath the surface of McCoid? A penchant for pedophilia doesn’t seem out of the question, and the situation couldn’t be healthy for the middle-aged Cyrus fan, nor does it bode well for Miley and Liam.

Although McCord unsurprisingly expressed a wish to meet Miley Cyrus in person, hoping that all his ink will eventually catch her attention, Miley and Liam might want to keep this particular fan at a distance. It is within the realm of possibility that McCord is perfectly harmless, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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