Is Miley Cyrus in Montana?

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Miley Cyrus has been found! Not that she was missing, but it seems as though the teen queen is in Montana! In a recent Twitter conversation with her sister, Brandi, the singer revealed that she has no cell phone reception because she’s in “MT.”

“Yo Guuuurl wMiley Cyrus at the 2009 Academy Awards 04hy don’t u answerrr yoooo phaaawwn no mo (sic),” tweeted Brandi. “MT and I called you 10000 times last night,” Miley replied. “Haha I’m dying. I know I was in Beachwood Canyon no phone service! #attsucks (sic),” responded Brandi.

The nice thing about these tweets is that it shows the strong relationship between these sisters. It’s great that they talk to one another (when they have cell service) and keep in touch when they are apart. However, what is Miley Cyrus doing in Montana? Or does “MT” mean “mountain?” Cyrus hasn’t been doing too much tweeting lately, except when it comes to her dogs, but her last few messages have been curious. What do you think?

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