Is Miley Cyrus in Need of Drug Intervention?

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Is Miley Cyrus in serious trouble with drug use? Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley’s parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, ready to stage an intervention?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, even though that’s what Star magazine is reporting, a more reliable source tells them it’s definitely not the truth.

Miley CyrusIt seems that Star claims Miley is into drugs because of what they’re calling erratic behavior. Her funky new haircut and recent tattoos apparently qualify as such. Those close to the “Party in the USA” singer and former Hannah Montana star say no way, however.

“There’s absolutely, emphatically, no intervention being planned nor was there one ever planned for Miley. The story is 100-percent false and ridiculous. They basically used a picture of Miley smoking a cigarette and weaved a bunch of bulls*** around it to say she’s on drugs. It’s so sad and so stupid,” a source says.

It seems Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus–as well as Liam Hemsworth–aren’t worried about Miley Cyrus at all.

“She’s so sick of all the rumors…that she doesn’t even pay attention to it anymore,” the source says. “She’s so numb to it now because every week there’s a different story. So she’s like, ‘F*** it,’ because she knows it’s not going to stop and they’re going to just keep writing lies about her. But I can tell you for sure she’s not on drugs and she doesn’t need a freaking intervention.”

Miley has had problems with drugs in the past, but it’s sort of irresponsible for a media outlet to say a new haircut and tattoos mean she’s a user. If that were the case, millions of perfectly innocent people in the U.S. alone would be condemned for drug use, when in fact they simply express themselves via their choices in hair or body art.

It’s good to know that Miley isn’t using drugs. She has a lot going for her right now, and she has a future wedding to plan with Liam Hemsworth. Surely she wouldn’t throw it all away for drugs. And if it were out of her control, certainly her parents and Liam Hemsworth would intervene.

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