Is Miley Cyrus the New Lindsay Lohan?

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Poor Miley Cyrus.  The world  refuses to let her grow up even though she’s over 18.  Now, people are not only dissing the former Disney darling for being a bad role model, for being a bad daughter, for being bad all around, they’re calling her the new Lindsay Lohan.  Talk about fighting words.

According to Hollywood Life, Miley Cyrus is Linday Lohan incarnate.  Their similarities are self-evident.  Both are former child stars who come from large families with younger siblings and manager mothers who party with them and behave more like friends than moms.  Both have “daddy issues” including public feuds with their respective fathers.  And both now sport “big” blond hair.  So much for their back stories.  Now, it gets twisted.

Both Cyrus and LiLo have been spotted drunk in public at the Chateau Marmont Hotel, and both have abused other substances.  Both joke about their controversial images –Cyrus on Saturday Night Live and LiLo at the 2010 Video Music Awards with E! Entertainment hag, Chelsea Handler.  Like Lindsay, Miley started dressing “inappropriately” in music videos, and in public, at a very young age.  Also like Lindsay, she’s “tried girl on girl.”  The similarities are uncanny.  The question is:  are they truth?  Or just hysteria? 

It’s true Miley Cyrus kissed a girl in a music video.  However, Lindsay Lohan had a real relationship with a woman, Samantha Ronson.  Miley was photographed stumbling around outside the Chateau Marmont, but LiLo has been drunk in many public places, and she has often been arrested for it.  And while we’re on the subject of the law, Lohan has an impressive rap sheet including felony theft.  Miley has never been arrested–for anything.  True, like Lohan, she got high on salvia which is, in California, absolutely legal.  Unlike Lohan, she’s never driven drunk or been photographed with cocaine in her shoes.  Cyrus’s behavior  has never harmed anyone–except perhaps the conservative sensibilities of her father, Billy Ray.  Lohan has driven drunk so often, it’s a miracle she never killed anybody.  A few years back, she actually drove over a friend’s foot.   As for their respective inappropriate wardrobes, an immutable fact of life is that little girls grow up.  As adults, they can wear what they want.  If Miley Cyrus were an 18-year-old man, her “shocking” sexuality would be deemed the normal “sowing of wild oats.”

So, is Miley Cyrus the new Lindsay Lohan?  No.  She’s just Miley Cyrus growing up.  The day she runs over someone’s foot while chugging Jack Daniels and snorting cocaine nude in a stolen car, the world should condemn her–preferably to prison.  Until then, everyone should just leave her alone.

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