Is Mitt Romney a Ladies’ Man?

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The unofficial Republican darling, Romney, is now reaching out to the ladies, and he is getting plenty of help to do it. According to The Washington Post, he has Mitt Romney by Gage Skidmore 2recently been campaigning next to his wife, conservative Senator Kelly Ayotte (a favorite of Sarah Palin), and former running mate Michele Bachmann. On Thursday Bachmann said while side-by-side with Romney, “President Barack Obama. President Mitt Romney. You decide, very easy.” This was maybe not the most convincing argument, but substance is not always necessary in politics.

With the 2012 presidential election right around the corner, the focus for the GOP is not going to be black or Hispanic voters. It will not be the gay community, or even the Evangelists. It is going to be women.

This could be a smart strategy considering President Obama squashed the hope for the first female President of the United States when he defeated Hilary Clinton and then took away the possibility of a female Vice President by defeating the McCain/Palin ticket. None of this was intentional of course, and women are not holding his victories against him. Right now the President has a 19 point lead with women voters.

With the adamant support of Bachmann, Mitt Romney can attract female voters, as well as ultra conservatives. With Ayotte, he gets former Palin supporters. Simply standing next to a woman, however, may not be enough. Women are not that stupid after all, image and appearances are not everything.

While Romney tries to turn to women for support, Obama is making sure that he retains his popularity with women voters by actively courting mothers and daughters with policy promises. The creative internet campaign tool, The Life of Julia, shows how a woman would be affected by both candidates. With cuts in education and a lack of health care reform, Julia would be better off sticking with Obama.

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