Is Mitt Romney Conceding States to Obama?

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Mitt Romney has resorted to buying his own ad time on television as a response to the “media saturation” of DNC coverage. His latest television ad seems to target some key states including Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio. However, he’s not targeting Michigan, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin. Why isn’t he showing interest in at least three states?

It’s easy to speculate that Mittens is conceding these states to President Obama in what one person calls “a loser’s strategy.” So could this mean that the Romney/Ryan campaign is struggling to stay ahead of all the hype for the current president? Even though a spokesperson for their team says that he isn’t giving up on Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, it just looks like he’s making a pretty desperate move to garner votes in more “powerful” states.

Mitt Romney may not be conceding these three states, but if he doesn’t pay enough attention to the voters that represent them, he might find himself on the losing end of this upcoming election. Maybe he needs to spend some more of his own money on it. Wouldn’t that be something–to go broke advertising for his own presidential hopes.

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