Is Nina Dobrev’s Television Addiction Tearing Her and Ian Somerhalder Apart?

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Aside from Nina Dobrev’s time on the set of The Vampire Diaries, it’s been rare lately to see her out in public. If you can believe everything you read on Twitter, she hasn’t had time for much of anything other than watching television. She was glued to the Olympics coverage, understandably supporting the Bulgarian and U.S. athletes. Now, she plans to feast her eyes on Shark Week programs.

In the middle of all her couch potato action, where is her co-star and boyfriend Ian Somerhalder? Unlike Nina, he has still been getting out of the house for things other than work on Vampire Diaries. He has been working on his animal rescue projects and taking time to connect with his fans without Nina by his side. Has their relationship cooled with the advent of good television programming?

Nina and Ian may still be connecting outside of the public eye, but couples need to get out of the house together from time to time just to keep things fresh. Nina has even admitted to being far more of a recluse lately and tweeted, “Yes..Ive been living under a rock.” It doesn’t seem she plans on changing her behavior any time soon, either. “Shark week mania!! Timing couldn’t be better.. I’m going through Olympic withdrawals,” she tweeted Monday morning.

Admittedly, Nina Dobrev has had ‘viewing parties’ and stuffed herself with sushi, and Ian Somerhalder likely attended. There is more to life than the boob tube, however. If Nina doesn’t begin to explore the possibilities that lie outside her living room sofa, it could well begin to interfere with the more important things in life, like her relationship with Ian.

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