Is Obama a Muslim? Poll Shows Many Southern Republicans Think So

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Do you think President Obama is a Muslim? A recent poll indicates that many Republicans from southern states believe he is. The number of people who actually believe this myth is astounding, especially since The White House has been public about his religion throughout his entire presidency. President Barack Obama is a Christian, so why do so many Republican voters believe otherwise?

The poll indicates that a staggering 52 percent of Republican voters in the state of Mississippi believe that the POTUS is a Muslim — again, this is even though it’s clearly documented that the man is not. In the state of Alabama, 45 percent of Republican voters believe the myth.

Apparently the question of the President’s religion was trending on Twitter yesterday, which mostly attracted tweets from people who can’t believe that people still insist on calling the man a Muslim. In fact, referring to him as such is at the same level of nonsense as those who buy into the whole birther conspiracy.

It’s embarrassing that so many people believe that the President is some random religion that he is not, and it’s possibly only because he is a black “liberal.” That’s such a crying shame.

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