Is One Direction Fan Fiction the Next ’50 Shades of Grey’?

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Will a piece of One Direction fan fiction become the next 50 Shades of Grey?

Directioners love to write naughty stories about Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne, and some of the language in their fanfics probably is just as dirty as all the BDSM sex talk in E. L. James’ popular erotic novel. However, the 1D fanfic that’s being turned into a book sounds a little more PG.

Larry Stylinson fans will also be disappointed to learn that the fan fiction isn’t about the fake gay relationship between Harry and Louis—instead it features a love triangle just like Twilight and The Hunger Games.

Directioner Emily Baker wrote the fanfic entitled Loving the Band on the Movellas website, and it was eventually snatched up by Penguin publishing. Needless to say, the 16-year-old student is extremely excited about her passion for One Direction presenting her with a life-changing opportunity.

Since boy bands and fan fiction are both so popular right now, Loving the Band could become to teens and tweens what 50 Shades of Grey has become to older women. The plot of the book does sound like the ultimate teen fantasy—a girl gets to meet her beloved boy band, and two of the guys in the group fall in love with her.

Emily’s book might be based on 1D, but the names of the singers vying for her affection have been changed to Shaq and Riley. However, surely these characters have to be based on BFFs Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles—just imagine all the drama that would unfold if the pals fell for the same girl.

From the sounds of an excerpt of the novel, Shaq saves heroine Jess’ life at one point. The Independent has published the excerpt, which includes this romantic moment:

“He stopped in his tracks and looked at me seriously, before pulling me to him. ‘You never need to question whether I’ll be there for you, Jess. I’ll always look after you. You need to know that.’

My heart quickened at his words and his touch, but I ignored its insistent pace, confused by what he was saying.

‘But you aren’t, though, are you, Shaq?’ I pushed him away, hurt. ‘In fact, you always feel so far away.’

‘You know why,’ he growled, head in hands. ‘Just as long as you’re safe, though – that’s everything that matters.’

‘Well, that’s not everything to me,’ I said angrily.

Frustration and pain appeared in his eyes as he gently traced his finger down my jaw. ‘It’s all that can be. I’m watching Riley fall in love with you, Jess.'”

It sounds terribly cheesy, and the name Shaq is just such an odd choice since it immediately brings to mind the image of a gigantic basketball player, not a floppy-haired boy band singer.

There seems to be something keeping Jess and her true love Shaq from being together, so it’s obvious that this book was heavily influenced by Twilight. But do you think it will be just as successful as Stephenie Meyer’s supernatural love story when it goes on sale in ebook form on November 1?

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