Is Pippa Middleton paid to party like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton?

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When Pippa Middleton first shot to fame following the royal wedding last year, she probably didn’t think she would end up in the same fame category as trashy reality TV stars. But that’s who Star is comparing her to!

Duchess Kate’s sister is “following in the well-paid footsteps of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Snooki” (and is probably horrified to be mentioned in the same sentence as those three) by getting “big bucks” to appear at parties all over the world, Star (via is reporting.

“Pippa is a true socialite whose life revolved around posh parties,” a “royal insider” dishes to the mag. “She claims to work two days a week for her parents’ company, Party Pieces, but that’s an exaggeration. Her real job is capitalizing on being famous.”

Her sister also claimed to work at their parents’ company while she was single but many people suspected it wasn’t full-time because she seemed to take an awful lot of vacations, so Pippa’s just doing what Duchess Kate did, but for cash instead of a ring. And “clubs and publishers continue to throw big bucks” at Pippa.

“She’s getting a lot of offers to make appearances and walk red carpets,” Star‘s source says. “Pippa’s become one of the most famous faces in the world, and people want to capitalize on that.”

On the one hand, Pippa’s sister is a senior royal, and that connection makes this slightly unseemly. But on the other hand, you really can’t blame Pippa for capitalizing on the opportunities that are coming her way. She’s 28, and in a few years she’ll be too old to be hosting parties, so she might as well get what she can now. Back in the fall, after the royal family reportedly ordered Pippa to keep a lower profile, she supposedly realized she can’t look vulgar and desperate while cashing in on her royal ties. So as long as she stays discreet and somewhat classy about it and doesn’t turn up at the Atlantic City Harrah’s for a pool party like Kim Kardashian did last weekend, why not?

What do you think? Is Pippa Middleton being smart to capitalize on her newfound fame? Should she be more discreet? Sound off in the comments!

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