Is Pippa Middleton Prepared to Answer the Media’s Kate Middleton Questions?

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Is Pippa Middleton properly prepared to deal with the many media inquiries about sister Kate Middleton and her topless and bottomless photo scandal? Pippa’s book tour starts in the U.S. very soon, and the press won’t behave as delicately in America as they are in the U.K. After all, to Americans Kate is a celebrity. She’s not royalty like over there.

According to a report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, the royal family is no doubt freaking out about Pippa’s upcoming book tour. They fully realize that any reporter worth their salt will ask about her sister’s topless and bottomlessHaving a Threesome With Kate and Pippa Middleton photo scandal.

The royals fear that Pippa might not give the kinds of answers a royal might give, citing that she’s not properly groomed and hasn’t learned the ways of a princess like her sister Kate. In fact Kate was even given lessons in dialect so she sounds more blue-blooded. The Duchess of Cambridge likely cringes when she hears Pippa speak. Will the royals be embarrassed by Pippa while she touts her new book?

This is really kind of sad, at least for Pippa. She’s worked hard on this book and she deserves her time to shine. The reporters will no doubt clamor to get up close and personal with her on her book tour, but will be far more interested in Kate Middleton than in Pippa’s book.

How will Pippa Middleton manage through all of this? She’ll hopefully hold her head up high and practice saying, ‘No comment,’ about Kate and leading the topic of conversation back to her party-planning book.

And if all else fails—she’ll party, and cause yet another minor embarrassment for the royal family—including her sister Kate Middleton.

Are you looking forward to the release of Pippa’s book and her U.S. book tour?

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