Is Pippa Middleton Struggling to Earn $400,000?

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Sources report that Pippa Middleton is struggling to meet the deadline on her upcoming party planning book Celebrate! She has already received a $400,000 advance from Penguin publishers, and it’s nearing time to produce the goods.

Although Penguin insists there will be no delay in the release of Middleton’s highly anticipated prose, the rumor mill indicates otherwise. According to Adam Helliker, “the man who knows people,” of the Sunday Express, “there’s talk in literary circles that the book’s launch is to be delayed . . . and even that the harassed author wants temporarily to relocate to New York to concentrate on writing without the distraction of continued media attention here.”

It’s unclear what “literary circles” Helliker runs in that spend their time perhaps gathering at local coffee shops to discuss the style and symbolism behind the prose of an event planning manual, but, for a text that will purportedly be highly photo-driven, it shouldn’t be too difficult to write.

When Pippa Middleton isn’t showing off her toned figure or riding around with gun-toting Frenchmen, she does a little work writing for her parents’ newsletter Party Times. She has already provided readers with fascinating ideas, such as “Why not collect and clean chicken wishbones, spray them silver and use each to pinch together a white hem-stitch napkin?” Her book, delayed or not, is sure to provide much more inspiration for the coveted field of party planning.

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