Is Prince William in Love with Pippa Middleton?

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There’s an outrageous new claim that Prince William is in love with Pippa Middleton! So could she become one of the biggest homewreckers in the world?

Everyone wants to see Pippa and Prince Harry hook up, and there’s a recent rumor that she’s been getting a little bit too close to a married man named Ben Goldsmith. But now the National Enquirer has come up with the most extreme claim about her fascinating love life.

Pippa has been invited to Sadringham Palace for Christmas by Kate Middleton and Wills, making it seem as though the sly couple are trying to get her and Harry to have an encounter under the mistletoe. But “insiders” have claimed that Prince William is using Prince Harry as a “smokescreen” just so he can have Pippa Middleton around for the holidays!

The insiders claim that Wills can’t stop talking about how beautiful Pippa is and that he often fantasizes about her. So evidently the insiders divulging this info are mind readers who check in on his daydreams every one and awhile.

Earlier this year topless photos of Pippa leaked on the web, and the Enquirer article makes it sound as though Prince William has them stored on his computer in a hidden file somewhere. He’s allegedly wondering if he married the wrong sister, and if Kate Middleton ever found out about how obsessed he is with Pippa Middleton, she would definitely divorce him. Of course if William ended up married to Pippa, the resulting scandal would certainly overshadow anything his mother ever did.

This has to be one of the Enquirer‘s craziest claims of the year – if “insiders” have noticed how much William digs Pippa, wouldn’t Kate Middleton catch on pretty quickly? After all, she’s no idiot when it comes to matters of the heart – she did manage to make a prince fall for her.

And it’s hard to imagine Prince William falling in love with Pippa because she’s so beautiful – most people would agree that Kate is the prettier of the two sisters. It would seem more likely if the tabloid was claiming that Prince Harry has fallen head-over-heels for Kate.

Pippa might be a little more exciting and fun-loving than her sister, but it just doesn’t seem like that’s what William was looking for – he wanted someone grounded who could put up with living a very structured (and probably somewhat boring) life. And just imagine the scandal if those topless photos of Pippa had been of Kate!

But it’s not impossible that William has thought of Pippa in “that way” – it’s safe to say that lots of guys can’t help but be slightly attracted to their wives’ pretty sisters. However, it’s really hard to see Wills being secretly in love with his sister-in-law.

So what do you think – could there be any truth to this tall tabloid tale?

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