Is ‘Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak Wanted For Tax Fraud?

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Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta has reportedly been keeping secrets from the IRS, and it could come back to bite her in the rear. It’s just not a good idea to try and pull the wool over Uncle Sam’s eyes, especially when she has plenty of money to foot the tax bill.

Before Zolciak met her husband Kroy Biermann, a football player for the Atlanta Falcons, Kim did not pay taxes for 7 years. According to a source for Celebrity VIP Lounge, Kim’s non-payment had nothing to do with a lack of income. During Kim’s career as a stripper, she would rack up thousands in a single night.

After Kim hooked up with Kroy, she maintained her tax-evading ways. She still claimed zero income, “yet big poppa was buying her $50k gifts and much more and she was spending over $200k a month.” The IRS would certainly like to know about that.

If Kim Zolciak ever is audited, it may be difficult for the IRS to prove the income, despite information leaked from the source to the press. Tips from stripping are rarely tracked or reported, and there is likely a way around claiming gifts from her sugar daddy turned husband. The source, however, thinks Kim should have to pay: “She needs her jail time or pay up like the rest of us.”

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