Is ‘Real Housewives’ NeNe Leakes Using John Kolaj for Money?

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NeNe Leakes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has found herself a new rich friend. His name is John Kolaj and fans are currently seeing how the two are hitting it off on the show. He really wants her and she just wants to do business with him. However, around Christmas time, NeNe tweeted pictures of diamond necklaces, diamond earrings and pretty gifts. Although she tweeted that ‘him’ gave them to her, John later confirmed that he was indeed the one who bought her expensive jewelry.

NeNe Leakes: Celebrity Apprentice 4 Villain!This begs the question whether NeNe is using John for his money. Sure, he is loaded, but is it fair to him that he keeps trying to win her over with jewelry, while she knows that she won’t be hooking up with him. In other words, she is leading him on because she does indeed enjoy the expensive bling. Viewers who have been following NeNe’s relationship on The Real Housewives of Atlanta are now weighing in on how they see the relationship. 26.21 percent believe that NeNe is using John and that it is totally pathetic.

However, 9.66 percent believe that she is using him but that it is acceptable! These voters would do the same thing and don’t blame NeNe for taking advantage of a good situation. Keep in mind that John also bought her Louboutin shoes, which are often priced at $600 or more. But 64.14 percent believe that NeNe isn’t using him for his money because the amount he spends on her is mere pocket change for him. But does that make the situation right? Just because he has tons of money doesn’t make it alright for NeNe to lead him on in hopes of getting shoes, diamonds and lots of attention.

Would you do the same thing?

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