Is Reopening the Natalie Wood Case All for Publicity?

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The case of Natalie Wood’s tragic death has been reopened, leading much of the public to believe that there is new information in the case to implicate someone in her death. After it was ruled an accident, taking time to bring the case up from its cold status makes it appear as though there is some new evidence. Some of the new testimonies have even made a pretty convincing case against Robert Wagner himself, or at least adding to the theory that some foul play was involved.

Legal experts told The Wrap magazine that they do not believe there is a case and Steve Meister, a Los Angeles area defense attorney was quoted as saying, “I would classify this as silliness — not the drowning, which was tragic, but the idea that 30 years later a witness comes forward and tells what he calls the real story and that leads to criminal charges. As a prosecutor, you just roll your eyes.”

But what sort of publicity would Natalie Wood’s camp hope to bring? How does implicating her husband as a murderer bring in anything but bad press? Meister and his team, however, have not been working on the case, so their opinions may just be that: opinions.

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