Is Rick Perry Gay the Subject of Rumor Mills Debate?

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Politics can be a catty business. Rumor mills are implying Perry might be lying about his sexual orientation thanks to a scandalous ad placed by a Ron Paul supporter in an alternative lifestyle magazine.

Ron Paul supporter cause of scandal?

Rick Perry photo portrait, August 28, 2004The new political campaign ad that recently surfaced in a local Austin, Texas alternative lifestyle newspaper asked, “Have you ever had sex with Rick Perry?” The commercial advertisement alleges sexual hypocrisy and asks for people in the Deep South community to stop protecting his closet homosexual lifestyle.

“Note to gay people: If you know the truth about Rick, please QUIT covering for him,” claims the ad writer, with the gist in politics being do not vote for closet gay Rick Perry in the 2012 elections.

Chances are the stories he secretly likes men start with the historical fact that Perry is a former male cheerleader for Texas A&M University (known as a “Yeller”) and end someplace between metrosexual grooming and being so openly homophobic that he sound suspicious.

But is he really a closet homosexual?

Is Rick Perry gay?

The politician who has officially declared he is running for president in the United States elections 2012 says he is not only heterosexual, he married his high school sweetheart.

So what gives regarding the legitimate rumor mills debate about homosexual allegations and why are people so hesitant to believe he really is just interested in women — specifically his wife who he claims was his high school sweetheart?

The simple answer to the question, “Is Rick Perry gay?” is he says no.

All the hints he might have experimented with a gay lifestyle in his past are rumor mills grist thanks to what some might call the “liberal media” seeking to embarrass him. [Even a few conservatives who believe the gay rumors are starting to allege he is an ex-gay as if he has somehow recovered.]

So it all boils down to the slippery slope of politics and brand marketing.

Homosexuality symbolsYet another anti-gay Republican hopes to be president?

Striving to become the GOP front-runner presidential candidate can be a slippery slope. Perry hopes to replace big names like Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney as a leading Republican; to do that and go on to beat Obama in the 2012 election he needs to keep talking and say things that will get him as much positive and free publicity as he can on right-wing talk shows. That tactic (the most popular being to bash gay people) garners lots of bad press from the mainstream media.

So, as he has pandered in his candidacy to the more rabid Republican right-wing as a branding tactic, the liberal and mainstream media jokes about his metrosexual good looks, having naturally perfect hair (without a need for the same amount of Mitt Romney hair products), and his very real male cheerleader past have started to become popular as funny trending topics jokes and rumors swirl online.

Thanks to the politics debate, gay men with a sense of humor think Perry needs to stop being homophobic and just come right out of that dark and dreary conservative closet. Lesbian women and Democrats think he is not even on their radar when it comes to being a candidate for which they would vote.

What do you think? Can his lifestyle as a straight male who is faithful to his wife even be questioned? Was the ad placed by the Ron Paul supporter funny or completely inappropriate and potentially libelous? Will the Texas governor get your Republican vote? Sound off in the comments section below.

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