Is Rihanna Dead or Alive? Rumors of Singer’s Death Hit Internet

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Is Rihanna dead or alive? Fans are questioning if death rumors are true about the singer this morning, while allegations of a sex tape with her and J Cole also have the web buzzing! Rihanna has since denied those rumors, and it’s time to deny the Rihanna death hoax now!

The Rihanna death rumors originated via the internet thanks to a fake CNN Entertainment news page picture. The page has a headline of “Rihanna found dead on scene of new video clip.” It was even posted as an answer to a question posed on Yahoo Answers, with several other comments backing up the story.

So far there has been no news of Rihanna’s death reported on CNN, E!, TMZ or any other major media outlet. The latest news around Rihanna involves an alleged sex tape she recorded with rapper J. Cole. There’s also part of a Washington Post article which remembers the death of singer Aaliyah. The article mentions Rihanna so there may have been some confusion by people reading this.

Individuals should be cautioned against believing celebrity death rumors that are reported via Twitter, Facebook, or pictures of CNN pages. Unless a reader or viewer online has heard it on an official media channel like E!, CNN, or the local news, it’s likely a vicious viral hoax!

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