Is Rihanna Losing Her Style?!

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When people heard that Rihanna would be replacing Megan Fox in the Emporio Armani ads, they knew they’d be stunning – after all, she’s got a body to die for, and some amazing fashion sense!

The racy ads show the starlet in various lingerie sets from the brand, lounging in the back of a car. With a seductive stare and plenty of cleavage on show, she seemed in her element posing, and showing off her tattoos. She also posed outside the car, lying across the bonnet of the car in jeans and an open jacket over her lingerie.

Selling point: Rihanna recently turned heads as a sultry blonde for the Armani Jeans campaign

It wasn’t the poses that caused controversy, though – it was Rihanna’s new hair. The pop singer has gone for a very short platinum blonde hairstyle, which some critics have described as ‘boyish’. The tousled style features a fringe which sits just above RiRi’s brows, and is certainly a change for her usual longer style!

It’s not just her hairstyle which has got some people questioning whether RiRi has lost her fashion edge. Cameras waited for the star outside New York Fashion Week, waiting for her usual revealing, catwalk-esque outfits which instantly spark trends – and instead got a much more ‘normal’ Rihanna.

She was barely recognizable in Manhattan, wearing ripped jeans with chunky shoes and a loose jumper. Her hair was pulled up into a loose pony (and back to its normal color!) and she seemed distracted.

On Saturday night she also picked an unusual outfit, combining frayed denim shorts with a suit jacket and visible suspenders – although she seemed to be lacking her usual confidence, and covered herself up with a member of her crew’s jacket. Earlier she’d been equally as oddly dressed, in shiny black elasticized trousers and a high-neck black jumper.

So what’s going on with RiRi? She seemed much more relaxed at a festival in Barbados recently, rocking a range of revealing bikinis and swimsuits, and enjoying raunchy dances. She then took a few weeks holiday with the girls, enjoying time on a yacht – although she did raise eyebrows when she covered up in a maxi dress to go snorkelling!

There has been some suggestion that Rihanna has lost her body confidence recently, hence the more covered-up outfits, but as the Armani campaign shows, she’s still as hot as ever! Let’s hope New York Fashion Week will give her some inspiration, and pals Katy Perry and Beyonce help her to create some amazing outfits!

Photo: Armani publicity shot, via Facebook

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