Is Rihanna the Barbadian Lesbian Singer in Tajah Burton’s Tell-All Book?

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Rihanna may begin to think of the bashing she took from Chris Brown as a love tap if she reads Tajah Burton’s new tell-all book, Low Down Dirty Shame.  In it, Tajah who is openly gay claims she had a lesbian relationship with a “famous Barbadian pop R & B artist.”  While Burton does not reveal the singer’s name, her description sounds a lot like Rihanna. 

And she wasn’t the only one.  According to Radar Online, many other women among the “entertainment industryÂ’s elite are quaking in their boots” for fear of being “outed” by Tajah Burton.  Burton, a model and businesswoman, shares in her book the shocking details of her experiences as an “out lesbian in Hollywood,” including hook-ups with A-listers, sex parties, and secrets about the sex lives of many of tinsel town’s most famous celebrities. Burton leaves no detail uncovered and no celebrity unexposed.  She also dated a famous older actress/model, for example, and a “well known female reality TV star.” Burton claims that although the well-respected older African American actress had never officially come out as a lesbian, her sexual orientation was the “worst kept secret in Hollywood.”

Nevertheless, it’s the singer, who emerges from Burton’s book as the woman who became “that voice, that light into my life.”   Although their affair began with sex which “came up immediately,” Burton and the unnamed R&B artist remained friends even after their sexual relationship ended.  Burton considers the mystery singer  the inspiration for her book. 

Whether or not Rihanna, or any of the other women left conspicuously unnamed by Burton have read her tell-all tome is unknown.  If they have, they’re keeping mum about it.  And that’s probably the best strategy.  Obviously if these ladies wanted to come clean about their sexuality, they would have already done so.

Oh well, they’ll just have to wait and see what happens.  Just like the rest of us.

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