Is Rihanna the Real Reason John Mayer’s Romancing Katy Perry?

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Rumor has it that Rihanna is the reason John Mayer is dating Katy Perry. What? Did RihRih take time out from worrying about Chris Brown to play matchmaker for her BFF and Taylor Swift’s lady-killing ex? Not really. Nevertheless, the “Birthday Cake” singer is responsible for bringing Mayer and La Perry together–albeit unknowingly. It seems the wily Mayer is romancing Russell Brand’s ex-wife to get close enough to seduce Chris Brown’s punching bag–er–once and possibly future love.

Yes, according to inside sources, Perry is heading for a rude awakening because her new boyfriend only has eyes for her BFF. People who know such things say he’s wanted to hook up with RihRih for years, and he’s decided that the best way to achieve his goal is to date her friend. Insiders say Mayer has lusted after the “Umbrella” girl since they first met in 2009.

“They really hit it off,” explained one insider. “John was smitten. He tried to lure her back to his place on several different occasions, but Rihanna just laughed him off, saying she wasn’t his type. That only made him want her more.”

RihRih was, of course, referring to Mayer’s controversial statement back in the day, that he wasn’t particularly attracted to African-American women. Of course, some sources claim that’s not true.

“That was all bull,” reveals a source, “because he’s a dyed in the wool horn dog and ALL girls turn him on.”

Actually, it might be time the world gave John Mayer a break. He’s single, and so far, there’s no law against being horny. As for his reputation for being a “serial dater,” not everyone is cut out for the life-long pair-bonding that society programs its members to consider mandatory. As for his other stupid comments–er–personal opinions, he’s entitled to them. At least he’s honest. Now if only something could be done about his unkempt hair and bizarro dork face. Ugh.

Of course, whether John Mayer has a chance in hell of dating Rihanna remains to be seen. Time will tell. If he does succeed in “getting with her,” he should proceed with caution. It’s hard to believe, but Mr. Breezy is said to have a bit of a temper.

Just saying.

Stay tuned.

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