Is Robert Pattinson A Diva Because of Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal?

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Robert Pattinson has always been known as a down to earth guy. Despite his phenomenal financial success, and enormous Twilight Saga-generated fan base, he’s always remained humble, self-effacing, and “real”–especially with his fans. So why has he reportedly turned into a diva after the Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders cheating scandal? The answer is: he hasn’t. He’s still the same guy–only Kristen Stewart-less. Rob isn’t acting like a diva. He’s being treated like one.

Although Pattinson has never allowed himself to slip into the diva-esque mind-set manifested by many celebrities, Hollywood has been treating him with kid gloves since he and Kristen Stewart parted company. His upcoming promotional work for Breaking Dawn Part Two is an excellent example. According to sources, RPattz will be catered to almost like royalty.

“He will travel separately from his co-stars, in private jets and five-star hotels,” reveals an insider. “Everyone else will be treated as supporting cast — especially Kristen.”

It’s not just the media and the Tinseltown movers and shakers who are catering to Rob’s every real and/or imagined need and whim. His fans have jumped on the “pamper RPatzz” bandwagon as well. In fact, he even gets more fan mail now than before KStew cheated on him.

“Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner get more mail than anyone else,” tattled a William Morris Endeavour insider. “But since Robert’s split from Kristen Stewart his mail has increased tenfold.”

Poor Taylor Lautner must really be feeling like a second fiddle these days. How Rob is handling the deluge of ultra-positive attention and special treatment remains unknown. What do you think?

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