Is Robert Pattinson Looking for Love on Craigslist?

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Is Robert Pattinson looking for love or for something else on Craigslist? The Twilight star spends lots of time on the site looking for–well, something. But what?

According to a report from USA Today, Rob buys cars on Craigslist–not women, so those hoping for a reconciliation between him and Kristen Stewart needn’t worry. He isn’t trolling for available girls–just affordable rides on the site that offers all of the above.

Profile PictureRob appeared last week on Jimmy Kimmel Live and dished on his latest Craigslist find–a 2001 Chevy Silverado pickup truck. He spent $2500 on the find.

The very first car Rob bought upon arriving in L.A. was a Craigslist find–a BMW that he paid very little for and ran into the ground.

Too bad Robert Pattinson didn’t have the kind of luck with women (okay, namely Kristen Stewart) that he has with the inexpensive cars he buys on Craigslist. The Twilight heart-throb could write a check for any car he wants, so why is he scouring internet sites for good deals?

He apparently thinks it’s a great way to pass the time. And time is something Rob’s has a lot of lately since Kristen Stewart cheated on him with Rupert Sanders.

Did Kristen share Rob’s love for cars? Maybe she should post a deal on Craigslist for a car Rob could never resist. When he finds it’s her behind the ad, it might even foster a reconciliation–or a complete disaster.

How do you think that might go?

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