Is Robert Pattinson Sexiest Ever on French TV? See Poll Results

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Robert Pattinson has gone through a number of physical metamorphoses throughout his career. His hair is long, then short. He’s scruffy and grungy, then “cleaned up” and preppy, then he’s clean-cut. He’s sporting a Grizzly Adams beard, then he’s clean-shaven again. The question is: Which look suits the Twilight heart-throb best? How does R-Pattz look hottest?

It’s a difficult question. And to help both die-hard twihards and ordinary folk alike decide for themselves, Hollywood Life has conducted one of its famous polls. The site has also provided a slew of pics of an extremely sexy Robert Pattinson looking somewhere between grungy and clean-cut. You can see the photos by clicking here.

Actually, the photos were taken during an interview Robert Pattinson did for a French T.V. show which you can watch on a video clip by clicking here. Although the Breaking Dawn leading man is sporting a definite five o’clock shadow, he’s far from the shaggy, fully bearded look he’s recently adopted. His hair is also shorter, but not quite the super clean-cut preppy style of Cosmopolis. It looks like he found a happy medium in France: casual glamor. It suits him.

But back to the poll. The single question was: Do you think this is the best Rob has looked in months? An overwhelming majority–97.06% of voters answered: “Yes! He looks absolutely gorgeous!” A tiny 2.94% voted: “No, he’s looked better.”

What do you think?

Note: Wonder how Kristen Stewart would have voted?

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