Is Romney Right About Gas Prices?

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Gas prices have been on a steady rise for weeks and Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is pointing the finger at Obama’s energy trio. Romney claims that, “this gas hike trio has been doing the job over the last three and a half years, and gas prices are up. That trio includes Steven Chu, Lisa Jackson, and Ken Salazar. However, is Romney really right about the trio causing high prices at the gas pump?

Obama argues that prices are set by the global market and there is little his administration or any administration can do to control the continued pain at the pump. Although many voters would like to believe Romney and believe that he could make gas stay below $3.00 a gallon, the truth is he probably can’t. Back in 2008, when a Republican was President, gas rose to $4.00 a gallon. It later dropped when Obama was in office, but not because of anything Obama did. Gasoline prices always rise in the summer months due to an increase in demand. So, as Americans demand oil, the gas stations will demand more money from their wallets.

If the President can’t do anything about oil prices, who can? The answer might just be, Americans. Americans consume about 20 million barrels of oil products per day. If Americans find ways to conserve oil products in their lives, over time they will see prices decrease. However, it seems like most Americans, including Presidential candidates, would rather point the finger at someone else than be the solution to the problem.

Who do you think is to blam for high prices at the pump? Do you think there is a way to get prices lower and keep them low?

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