Is Romney’s Record as Governor of Mass Example of What He’d Do as President?

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While Romney’s record as governor has not escaped criticism, his success in decreasing unemployment from 5.6% to 4.7%, closing the state’s almost $3 billion budget gap without raising taxes and adding tens of thousands of new jobs, has not been touted by his campaign nearly as much as one would expect.

The issues of high unemployment and the national deficit, as reported by The Fiscal Times, are among the issues at the forefront of voters’ minds in this election. One can’t help but wonder why the Romney campaign and supporters haven’t spent more time pointing to Romney’s accomplishments as governor as examples of what he could do as president.

The Romney campaign has recently begun to concentrate more on his gubernatorial record and, as reported by the Los Angeles Times, to clarify Romney’s five-point economic plan. Considering how concerned Americans are with the economy, it’s a mystery as to why his plan wasn’t presented in simpler terms months ago.

With less than two months left until election day, the efforts of Romney’s campaign to boast about his achievements as governor and clarify his plans for the economy could be too little too late.

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