Is Russell Brand in Denial?

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Is Russell Brand in denial ever since his divorce from Katy Perry? Perhaps. One thing is for sure, he is in denial that he was caught on-tape, by the paparazzi, burning money.

“I would never burn money. Unless you count the ten grand I spent on cat jackets,” tweeted Russell Brand early Wednesday morning. What is sad is that Russell sure seems to be burning money in this video right here. Okay, to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it wasn’t cold, hard American cash. If it wasn’t, what was it, Russell? What were you burning in that video?

The other thing is, what is Russell Brand complaining about for? At least the cats have something to wear for that 10K. How much money did Russell and ex-wife Katy Perry burn on hiring a cat whisperer to talk to their cats? Now that’s the question good old “@RustyRockets” should be asking himself… right alongside wondering if it is a good idea for the British actor to come to America and act like a money-burning fool.

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