Is Russia Suppressing the Woolly Mammoth Story?

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The man who claims to have filmed an extinct woolly mammoth, Michael Cohen, says Russia is trying to suppress the story. The reason? So Siberia doesn’t become the scene of the next Spotted Owl controversy.

Americans will remember that issue, pitting environmentalists against loggers and farmers in the Northwest who disagreed about the endangered owl’s habitat and future viability. The issue has yet to be resolved.

Apparently, Cohen claims, the Russian government is afraid such a controversy may disrupt plans to turn the Siberian wilderness into a tourism mecca for hunters and naturalists eager to experience one of the last pristine wildernesses left on Earth. That means big bucks.

But is this really an issue? After all, one grainy video of a supposed woolly mammoth doesn’t support the claim there are herds of the animals roaming free and that their habitat must be preserved.

In fact, many viewers of the video believe it’s not the legendary, extinct animal at all, but rather a bear fishing for salmon in a stream caught at a weird angle by the camera.

It turns out Cohen may be his own worst enemy. He’s also claimed to have filmed UFOs over the White House and was the biggest booster of the Bolotnaya Square UFO sighting back in December.

That one turned out to be a remote-controlled surveillance camera…

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