Is Ryan Lochte too dumb to be ‘The Bachelor’?

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As soon as Ryan Lochte got back from the London Olympics, he immediately started angling for D-list stardom. He taped guest spots on 90210 and 30 Rock and worked as a fashion correspondent for Extra during New York Fashion Week. He also said he wanted to appear on either Dancing with the Stars or The Bachelor. But apparently The Bachelor‘s standards are higher than 30 Rock‘s.

According to Lainey Gossip, Bachelor producers never “seriously considered” the gold medal-winning swimmer because he’s just not smart enough.

“Rumour has it Lochte wasn’t seriously considered because producers worried he might not be able to properly articulate his thoughts, that his intellectual challenges would be too limiting,” the website reports.

How dumb does someone have to be if they’re rejected by The Bachelor, of all shows? It’s not exactly Jeopardy. There have been plenty of Bachelors who aren’t Mensa members (and no one who’s actually smart would ever go on this show anyway). Football player-turned-analyst Jesse Palmer was so inarticulate that the show actually aired a blooper reel of his verbal gaffes. Ben Flajnik was an immature, overgrown frat boy who was too much of an idiot to realize he was getting played by a narcissistic sociopath. So it’s not like Bachelor producers’ standards are insurmountably lofty. It’s too bad producers shot him down, too, because a Bachelor Ryan season would have been totally entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way. Plus, it’s already established that he looks good shirtless, and he probably would have busted out the diamond grills for rose ceremonies. Jeah!

What do you think? Is Ryan Lochte too dumb to be The Bachelor? Would you rather seen him hand out roses than Sean Lowe, the next Bachelor? Sound off in the comments!

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