Is Ryan Reynolds Being Pushed into Engagement by Blake Lively Herself?

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It hasn’t even been a year since Ryan Reynolds’ divorce from Scarlett Johansson was made official, but now it seems that he is already been pressured into another marriage by his current girlfriend, Blake Lively. According to Ear Sucker, Blake has been pressuring Ryan to put a ring on it, although the couple has yet to reach a full year together. Why is she being so pushy? Can’t she see that Ryan marrying Scarlett so quickly simply didn’t work?

“They haven’t even been together six months, and she is already talking marriage and babies,” a friend of the couple has shared. It seems this friend is worried for Ryan, as he is clearly holding back in terms of giving her a ring. “Ryan cares for Blake, but he rushed into marriage before, and he is still not really over that heartbreak,” the friend shares. If Ryan Reynolds isn’t ready to propose to Blake, she needs to calm herself down and let him take the time he needs to recover.

Just because she is ready doesn’t mean he has to do it. If she is so desperate to get engaged, she should find a guy who wants to get married now. And if she can’t respect Ryan’s need to recovery from his marriage and divorce from Scarlett, he seriously needs to give her the boot. Sure, there may be an 11-year age difference between the two, but she needs to learn that she doesn’t get everything she wants in life just by pointing at it. Perhaps she needs to listen, and if she isn’t listening to his needs now, this couple will surely head for a split, hopefully well before a wedding happens.

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