Is Salman Khan Making Katrina Kaif Miserable?

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What on earth is wrong with Katrina Kaif these days? At a recent promotional event with Salman Khan for Ek Tha Tiger, the actress looked positively miserable.

Kat and Sallu were promoting their film on Indian Idol and Katrina didn’t look much like herself. She wore a very demure and ill-fitting anarkali (very out of character for the usually well-dressed Kaif) and seemed shy and withdrawn, deferring to Salman more often than not. the outfit a reaction to Salman’s violent outburst while the pair were filming ‘Mashallah’? Sallu apparently didn’t like what Katrina was wearing (calling it too skimpy) and began yelling at her and beating her with a stick. Looks like Kat decided not to take any chances and went with a modest outfit for her afternoon with Salman.

That incident likely wasn’t a one time thing—Filmfare Magazine recently drew attention to Salman’s possessiveness and controlling nature with women, be they his girlfriend or his sister. Being constantly infantalized by Salman Khan can’t be a pleasant experience, that’s for sure.

Salman’s behavior doesn’t seem to be sitting well with Katrina. So why doesn’t she just tell him off? Does she still need him that badly for the benefit of her career? Surely she’s well established enough that she can tell her misogynistic ex-boyfriend to stuff it without it hurting her?

And so what if it means she never works with him again? Their chemistry is kaput. Anyone can tell from the three Ek Tha Tiger song promotions that have released so far that they’re both just phoning it in. They were practically dead in the eyes in ‘Mashallah,’ so why continue pairing up if their jodi is broken? Bollywood? Want 24/7 updates on your favorite actors and actresses? Subscribe to Renee Shah’s Bollywood on Facebook today for interviews, news, videos, photos, and more!

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