Is Sandra Bullock pregnant? Latest Sandra Bullock and Jesse James news

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It just wouldn’t be the entertainment world we all know as Hollywood without some juicy new gossip to talk about.  The internet helps the rumors spread and have been having a field day with the whole Sandra Bullock and Jesse James mistresses/marital infidelity story.  Recently there were reports of singer Beyonce pregnant by husband Jay-Z, but those are still neither confirmed nor denied.  Now it appears there are Sandra Bullock pregnant rumors going around to further add to the whole cheating story.  But is Sandra Bullock pregnant for real?

Currently the rumors of Sandra Bullock’s pregnancy, are just that, rumors.  The 45-year-old Bullock has no children currently of her own, by Jesse James or any previous husband or boyfriend.  Some of those she’s dated include football player Troy Aikman, and actor Matthew Mcounaghey.  Jesse James on the other hand has three kids, a daughter and son from first wife, Karla James, as well as a daughter named Sunny from his second wife Janine Lindemulder.  Jesse James just won a custody battle late last year for Sunny, giving Lindemulder visitation rights.  Bullock was helping to take care of Sunny along with Jesse James, but it’s uncertain what the status is of that relationship with all that’s happened.

If Bullock is recently pregnant by Jesse James, you’d have to wonder when it happened.  Also, you’d have to be a bit worried about a newborn’s health based on the news of all of Jesse James’ recent affairs with tattoo covered porn stars and fetish models.  This isn’t a commentary on whether those are upstanding professions or if the women James chose are “clean” per se, but it definitely should be something Bullock considers whether she’s expecting child or not.

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