Is Sandra Bullock really a Victim and Jesse James a monster and Brigitte Daguerre . . . ?

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No one has asked this question, so I will, “Why did Sandra Bullock marry nazi loving Jesse James?  Why did Sandra Bullock marry a man who was married to a porn star? The latest person to enter the fray is Brigitte Daguerre who is a photographer who claims she had a brief sexual encounter with Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock said she knew Jesse James was cheating before it hit the tabloids.  What else did she know?

Jesse James has had several affairs, been married to a porn star, and is an obvious tough guy, so is Sandra Bullock really as innocent as the media makes her out to be?

I know my husband for the good and bad.  I don’t think if someone I were married to were into porn, women, or being a Nazi sympathizer, I wouldn’t have some knowledge of the facts.

I mean it’s believable that some of Jesse James’ behavior was unknown to Sandra Bullock, but all?

Sandra Bullock certainly knew Jesse James’ first wife, Janine James was a porn star.  Did Sandra Bullock know about the Nazi business?  Maybe yes and maybe no, but I don’t think she could possibly be the victim the media is making her out to be, and if there is a divorce, more than this may be revealed about not only about Jesse James, Michelle Bombshell McGee, but Sandra Bullock as well.

This may not be popular, but it certainly is food for thought.

Photo Source: Entertainment Tonight

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