Is Sarah Palin Dumb? Momma Grizzly Fires Back at Newsweek

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Is Sarah Palin dumb? How about others who are critical of President Obama? While it’s too wide-sweeping a statement to make about all critics of Obama, perhaps leveling it down to Palin and her ilk is less controversial. Momma grizzly herself fired off at Newsweek after they printed a cover story insinuating that those who oppose the current president are mental midgets.

While there are some who oppose Obama for sound, rational reasons such as his apparent ability to switch gears on issues, there are those who seem rabid and ignorant. The “birther” movement comes to mind with many, with such figures as Orly Taitz and Joe Arpaio demanding that Obama show his long-form birth certificate to prove he’s not from Kenya. While he’s already shown both versions (short and long) of his birth certificate, these “birther” types still exist, and rabidly. As for Sarah Palin, she’s steamed over the story printed by Newsweek, written by Andrew Sullivan.

The reason why she appears to be taking such issue with Sullivan, is because she alleges that he fueled the whole “Trig Truther” conspiracy. In case you don’t remember, Sarah Palin has long been accused of faking the birth of her youngest child for political reasons. It’s rumored that Bristol Palin became pregnant out of wedlock (prior to the other time she bred before being old enough to drink). To avoid risk to her political goals, Sarah is alleged to have faked a pregnancy to pass Trig off as hers.

Sarah Palin says Newsweek is dumb, but can she see the hypocrisy from her backyard?

While flip-flopping on whether or not she supported the birther movement, she was asked to show birth records to prove she had given birth to Trig. She refused. Now, apparently what’s good for the goose is not good for the gander in Palin’s ideals. Apparently it’s okay to harass president Barack Obama over whether or not he’s a U.S. citizen (and he is), but it’s not okay to ask someone who wants to be president to prove that they’re who they say they are as well. How dumb is that?

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