Is Sarah Palin Leaving Alaska?

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Is Sarah Palin leaving Alaska? Daughter Bristol is buying a home and starting college in Arizona, and it seems Sarah has been house hunting there as well.

According to a report from Popeater, it’s pretty likely that Sarah Palin and the entire Palin clan will be leaving Alaska for warmer living. Sarah has been looking at homes in Arizona near where daughter Bristol is purchasing hers.

A source tells Popeater that since both Bristol and Sarah are now millionaires, they can pretty much afford to live wherever they want. And being within the 48 continental United States might serve Sarah Palin better, should she decide to throw in a bid for the presidency in either 2012 or 2016.

This is very interesting in light of the persona that Sarah Palin has worked so hard to create for herself. She is known for being the rugged outdoors woman who shoots her own game and treks through the wilderness. What on earth will Sarah shoot at in Arizona?

And how did Bristol Palin become a millionaire? It doesn’t seem they pay millions for one to appear on “Dancing With the Stars.” It’s obvious how Sarah became a millionaire….her face and voice have shown up almost everywhere and she commands a high price. But Bristol? That’s a curious situation.

Regardless of the money they make, it will be interesting to see how the Palin’s fare once they relocate to Arizona. Will they be permanent residents there, giving up their Alaskan abode for a milder climate? Or will they (since they’re millionaires, after all) own homes in both Alaska and Arizona?

Is Sarah Palin leaving Alaska? It certainly sounds that way, but don’t worry, Alaskans. It sounds like she’ll keep a foot in the door in Alaska, too. After all, Mama Bear is territorial and Sarah Palin does leave a reputation to live up to. Plus, she’d likely miss seeing Russia from her own back yard.

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