Is Sierra LaMar Dead? Cadaver Dogs Used in Search

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The search for 15-year-old Sierra LaMar isn’t looking so good with it being reported that cadaver dogs have been included. The young girl is believed to have been abducted, after she vanished on the morning of March 16, 2012. The few pieces of evidence that have been located also don’t make things look good for the missing Morgan Hill teen.

America’s Most Wanted has begun raising awareness of the teen’s mysterious disappearance, so hopefully this will put the pressure on whomever may have her. If she’s being kept against her will there is still hope for survival. However, it’s unlikely given that recent search results have mentioned cadaver dogs in the search for Sierra LaMar.

SAR (search and rescue) dogs were used in the beginning of the young woman’s disappearance, but the dogs were unable to track her scent beyond her driveway. This casts immediate suspicion on the girl’s case. Could she have faced foul play before even heading out the door that day or did someone snatch her up as she was walking beyond her yard? According to investigators, it’s more likely that she was abducted and that presses a terrifying bit of pressure on the entire case.

Someone with the guts to simply snatch up a young woman in this manner also has the guts to do it again and again. The disappearance of this young woman occurred just 10 days after the brutal murder of 13-year-old Jessica Funk-Haslam, which has not produced even one person of interest or suspect. It’s a mystery much like the disappearance of Sierra L.

Could there be someone out there picking off young women in this region of California? Will cadaver dogs eventually find the scent of this missing girl?

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